Starved NHS hits Harrow health care again

NS4North-West London GPs are urged against referring patients to hospital specialists and consultants, and some outpatient appointments will be axed, as part of a controversial programme of NHS to be introduced in London.
This is in addition to thirty three  procedures covered under PPwT policy for which hospitals have to make individual funding request to the NHS Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) where  the  treatment falls under the ‘not normally funded’ category.
Gareth Thomas, the Harrow West MP, said the new plans amounted to rationing.
Harrow East MP Bob Blackman, not really interested in Harrow issues, has shown no interest in the dire effects of rationing the health care.
The procedures for rationing looked at includes: knee replacement, knee arthroscopy (keyhole surgery), interventional treatments for back pain, varicose vein procedures, shoulder decompression and cataract surgery.
The sweeping changes were communicated in a letter from the North West London Collaboration of clinical commissioning groups (NWLCCCG), which funds NHS health services for more than two million Londoners, on the same day the prime minister reinforced his commitment to funding the NHS while announcing he was suspending parliament.
The expected deficit for 2019/20 in north-west London was previously £51m, but this has more than doubled with a further £61m identified – a total of £112m. Harrow CCG was put into special measures because its forecast deficit of £40 million.
Pamela Fitzpatrick Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Harrow East said “Boris Johnson claims to care about our NHS whilst outpatient appointments are axed and our walk in centres are being closed at a rapid rate”.
“We have suffered nine long years of cut backs and the public have simply had enough” she added.
It’s time to invest in our vital services and a Labour Government will give the NHS the money it needs, she said.
Adam Bernard, Liberal Democrat candidate for Harrow East, said “We understand that the NHS here is under a lot of pressure, but we are concerned by these proposed restrictions. It is important that all patients can get the specialist care they need”.
Lisa-Maria Bornemann, Liberal Democrat candidate for Harrow West, said “It’s alarming that the Conservative government is wasting money on Brexit, when the NHS is in desperate need of financial support.”
Previously, Harrow resident have been deprived of walk-in centres which allowed treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, without an appointment. This followed the impingement upon patient rights where the Harrow CCG has instructed GPs not to prescribe the items which the NHS England had said should be prescribed if the patents do not wish to buy.