Harrow CCG hiding behind NHS cuts and chopping health care provisions!

thumbDespite public outcry, Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has announced to end walk-in services in Harrow as Javina Seghal, chief executive of Harrow CCG, declares Pinn Medical Centre will also become appointment-only.
This follows similar change to the Alexandra Avenue Health Centre last year and Belmont Health Centre will be facing it in November.
Widely used walk-in centres allowed treatment of illnesses and injuries, without an appointment, where patients can’t get GP appointment promptly.
Harrow CCG tries to defend its decisions which adversely impact on public health care saying it is in red and that decisions have been made after ‘consultation’ (with who?) – but many question the quality of its management and the thriving governing body.
The Health and Wellbeing Board, chaired by the leader of the Harrow council and well represented by the Harrow CCG, is supposed to hold the CCG to account but is ineffective in doing so, resulting in heavy-handed cuts in many aspects of the health care services and provisions.
GPs, including in Harrow,  are urged against referring patients to hospital specialists and consultants, and some outpatient appointments will be axed, as part of a controversial programme of NHS to be introduced in London, resulting in rationing knee replacement, knee arthroscopy (keyhole surgery), interventional treatments for back pain, varicose vein procedures, shoulder decompression and cataract surgery.
Thirty three  procedures covered under PPwT policy for which hospitals have to make individual funding request to the CCG.
Previously was the impingement upon patient rights where the Harrow CCG has instructed GPs not to prescribe the items which the NHS England had said should be prescribed if the patents do not wish to buy. And the list can go on!