Labour interest free loans for electric cars policy welcomed

PamPamela Fitzpatrick, Labour’s candidate for Harrow East, welcomes the scheme that will benefit estimated 3,351 households in Harrow East.
Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell announced that Labour will introduce 2.5 million interest free loans for the purchase of electric cars and has released estimated figures showing how many households in each constituency could benefit from the policy.
The interest-free loans will require participation in a mass trial of Vehicle-2-Grid technology which will allow electric cars to store excess energy from the national grid and the UK to transition to renewable energy.
The scheme will also boost the British automobile industry and support the UK’s transition away from petrol and diesel cars which will also be beneficial in terms of the climate as well as for those people who want to convert their carbon-fuel powered car into an electric vehicle that is sustainable.
“This is an excellent scheme that will help ensure that normal people have access to the Electric Car Revolution not just the elite” said Pamela Fitzpatrick.
“Clean transport should be available to everyone. We estimate that 3,351 households in Harrow East could benefit from this policy” she added.