Harrow West gets a Tory candidate!

aliDoctor Anwara Ali defected from Labour to Tories some years back, has been selected as the Tory prospective parliamentary candidate for Harrow West.
Brought up and educated in Tower Hamlets, Dr Ali MBE, a businesswoman, was a councillor and a Mayoral candidate in the borough.
She is said to be passionate about the NHS, women’s right to choose, and halting the use of West Harrow open spaces.
Being from the Bangladesh community, probably she has been promoted by the Conservatives Friends of Bangladesh, seemingly the only Muslim political group that has actively supported Boris Johnson and Harrow East MP Bob Blackman.
Dr Ali selection seems to be quite strategic as Tory party has been facing calls to investigate Islamophobia  in the party, Bob Blackman has “shown a consistent record of endorsing Islamophobia” and Harrow Conservatives have no Muslim councillors.
Harrow West sitting MP Gareth Thomas has seen a notional swing in favour of the Tory Party’s Dr Rachel Joyce of 5.7% in the election. After a small 1.1% swing to the Tories in 2015, it swung back heavily to Labour in 2017 by almost 11%, with their largest majority since they first gained the seat in 1997 of over 13,000.
Dr Ali might not be able to beat the majority, but expectations are that her Harrow West presence could help to gain certain votes for Tories in Harrow East, a highly marginal seat.
Tories have selected the sitting MP Bob Blackman to stand for Harrow East again despite he being labelled as a divisive opportunist, not really interested in Harrow.
Harrow has a rich diversity of cultures and religions and deplores any divisiveness.