Blackman for Harrow?

bb4Tories have selected the sitting MP Bob Blackman to stand for Harrow East again despite he being labelled as a divisive opportunist.
There are widespread concerns that Mr Blackman is not really interested in Harrow.
Majority of Harrow residents voted to remain in Europe but Mr Blackman is not representing them, instead he pleads for Brexit and asserts that it will help more business opportunities with India, in line with his strategy to access Indian background voters.
Not only this but he also colluded with Boris Johnson who unlawfully suspended the parliament in order to get away with a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.
Many local politicians have taken stand against the closure of walk-in medical services by the Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) but Mr Blackman has failed to raise the issue.
Since Theresa May took over as home secretary in 2010, Harrow has lost over 173 police officers. Added to this, people are concerned at the increase in knife crime in Harrow and government’s failure to provide the resources to deal with this issue – the government has cut the Harrow youth offending team’s funding by £409,130 since2010 (66 percent cuts) – Mr Blackman has not intervened.
In Harrow, 46 of 50 schools have suffered £27.2M cuts to per pupil funding between 2015 & 2019 which on average is £286 per pupil loss but ignoring this, Mr Blackman keeps misleading that the government has increased education funding.
Residents say they have not received any convincing answers from Mr Blackman regarding what he has done for Harrow or how he is helpfully working with the Harrow council.
Harrow has a rich diversity of cultures and religions and deplores any divisiveness.