Belmont councillor was told off at cabinet meeting

The opposition Tory group on the Harrow council appears to be less confrontational since councillor Susan Hall stepped down and councillor Paul Osborn became the leader of the group, but there are exceptions.
There have been concerns about the conduct of Tory councillor Anjana Patel, rejected by West Harrow and controversially adopted to the Belmont ward, at the recent cabinet meeting for being aggressive and scoring irrelevant political points.
During the councillor questions time, she asked how safer is Harrow?
Councillor Krishna Suresh, Portfolio Holder for Community Cohesion and Crime, explained, for example,  that the safer Harrow partnership has focused on violent crimes which has made significant difference.
“Harrow is a safer place and our residents are safer” said Cllr Suresh.
He pointed out that the number of police on the street is likely to make more difference.
“I look forward to the reverse of the government cuts on the police number so the number of crime can be brought down” he said.
Cllr Patel moved beyond the scope of her question and said, “If mayor Khan did not spend lot of money on his PR, he would have been able to give us more money”.
Focusing on the Harrow situation, Cllr Suresh tried to share crime specific statistical information  but Cllr Patel kept saying it is the mayor Khan who has not given enough money/police.
Fed up with her outbursts, Leader of the council Cllr Graham Henson, the chair of the meeting, has to stop Cllr Patel and said, “I have not got the time to educate you about the police budget, about the government reduction by millions of £s” and asked her to move on.
Cllr Patel like those she follows on social media seems to have a problem with the London mayor SADIQ KHAN and misses no opportunities to hit him!