Tory councillors wasting cabinet time

qqqAfter a Tory councillor spilled out her venom against the London mayor Sadiq Khan with reference to policing situation in Harrow, another Tory councillor asked whether independent schools a good thing at the cabinet meeting on 10 October 2019, most probably  inspired by Boris Johnson political point scoring about the ‘private schools’.
It was inappropriate and waste of cabinet meeting time for the councillor to provoke talk about independent schools, mentioning Harrow School.
The councillor questions time at the cabinet meeting provides an opportunity to the opposition to ask questions about what the administration is doing or not doing but the slot should not be misused, for example,  by indulging in bickering or using it for scoring political points.
No doubt Harrow School, a local heritage, is more valued than any other independent school because of its history, traditions, elitism and for generating considerable revenue by admitting international students. But educational achievement is a different matter and comparing it with that of state schools is hardly like for like.
Independent schools have many favourable factors: (a) intake ability is mostly well above average (b) parents have high expectations of teaching and learning (c) lower pupil to teacher ratio and ample other resources assist in teaching differentiated curriculum, pastoral and extra-curriculum  which not only helps academic achievement but also in shaping pupil’s elite personality.
Educationally speaking, pupil progress in many state schools is much higher than the independent or grammar schools despite their unfavourable input indicators like the range of pupils ability and their socio-economic background. Not only the progress but academic results in many state schools match well with the selective schools.
Coming back to the local situation and considering academic attainment, while Harrow School was in the middle position in the top 100 Independent Schools by GCSE chart in 2018 in terms of A+A*, some Harrow secondary schools (academies) did much better within their class i.e. the state school sector.
One might wish independent schools to have foreign students and the money they bring in, but from the equal opportunities point and for the sake of social integration in a diverse society, children could do much better under well funded state education system.