Gareth Thomas speaks out about election, Brexit and NHS

gt“Whilst I welcome the opportunity the election brings to end the incompetence and disastrous policies of this Government, I would have preferred Parliament to make progress on Brexit first” says incumbent Harrow West MP Gareth Thomas.
“I cannot and would never support a Brexit deal that I think would harm jobs, rights and living standards in Harrow and across the country” he said.
Mr Thomas for a long time has advocated a People Vote in which he would again vote to remain. He first proposed a Bill in Parliament and led a debate on delivering a People’s Vote in May last year and has been working closely with Best for Britain and the People’s Vote campaign, including twice marching through London.
Harrow has voted for Remain and unlike Harrow East incumbent MP Bob Blackman who remains committed to Brexit, Mr Thomas respects this.  Not only this but he also respects people demand that ‘our NHS is not for sale’.
“Once again, we see why Boris Johnson can’t be trusted as the Tories risk costing our NHS an extra £500 million per week by pushing up the price of many lifesaving drugs as part of a sell-out attempt to secure deal a Trump trade deal” said Mr Thomas.
“If drug prices go up as a result of a Boris/Trump Trade deal Harrow’s NHS already millions in the red will face huge increases in costs. Little chance then of sorting out problems in Northwick Park A&E or getting our walk-in services back” Mr Thomas alerts.
Harrow has already seen its walk-in clinics closed.
Boris Johnson’s deal appears worse than Theresa May’s Brexit deal. For example, very recently published NIESR (National Institute of Economic and Social Research) analysis of the Government’s Brexit deal found that the UK economy would be 3.5% smaller in the long run with the Government’s Brexit deal – £70 billion worse off by 2029.