Blackman obsession and omissions!

bb4Residents are disappointed to find that Bob Blackman, incumbent MP for Harrow East, in his recent letter to them has mainly relied on bitter attack on Jeremy Corbyn rather than explaining what has he done to counter the chaos Tory party policies/practices have created or to address the real challenges that Harrow faces.
In glorifying Boris Johnson character over Jeremy Corby, he failed to mention that the Metropolitan Police have passed a file of criminal evidence against Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings’ Vote Leave campaign to the Crown Prosecution Service.
Shivered by the fact that his majority was badly slashed by Labour at the last general election, his letter once again stirs up emotions to capture Indian and Jewish background voters by alleging that the Labour leader has failed to root out anti-Semitism and an anti-Indian culture in his party  (ongoing smear/scaremongering campaign recycled by right-wing media controlled by few).
(Such is the level of Tory campaign that Boris Johnson has been accused of stoking “the politics of division and nationalism” after Conservative election strategists urged their candidates to tell voters the Liberal Democrats “are not proud to be British” and would “make our country more vulnerable to terrorist attacks”.)
Mr Blackman’s divisiveness is well known!
He remains unconcerned by brutal force of Tory spreaded austerity that has slashed the expenditure of local government – Harrow council has lost £50m.
The Tories have cut millions from schools in Harrow since 2015 but Mr Blackman is least interested in working towards reversing these callous cuts so that hard-working teachers have the funds they need to ensure Harrow children have the first-class education they deserve.
Donald Trump endorses Boris Johnson because the NHS and medicine pricing is on the table in a future Trump trade deal costing our £500 million a week.
Mr Blackman has not really done anything to ease huge pressure on A&E at Northwick Park and after a decade of Tory cuts, record long waiting times for Harrow women for breast cancer care.
Mount Vernon Hospital is in crisis; too dilapidated and not enough staff to provide a safe service and yet the government won’t prioritise giving the funding to make it safe.
Harrow CCG is almost £40 million in the red and its financial position worsening, resulting in three walk-in centres have closed or are closing. Mr Blackman has not supported residents concerns regarding the closure but is rather pleased that the clinics are now appointment only GP services.
After rubbishing Jeremy Corby, his letter poses a question: would the residents vote for him who has “actively represented” them or “Jeremy Corbyn representative in Harrow”?
Most probably Pamela Fitzpatrick, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Harrow East, would not respond to such lowness as Jeremy Corbyn at the launch of Harrow East Labour campaign articulated “if they go low, we go high – if they go lower, we go higher”.
Regarding Mr Blackman’s claim to represent constituents, he remains for Brexit even when reminded that majority in Harrow East voted for Remain!!