Plight of EU nationals in Harrow

EUAs the UK is likely to leave the European Union (EU) next year, Harrow council advised the European resident who plan to continue living and working in the UK after 30 June 2021 to apply to the government’s EU Settlement Scheme.
Home Office figures show a million of the estimated 3 million EU citizens in the UK have yet to apply for settled status, which will allow them to stay in the UK.
The Guardian also reports that the security minister, Brandon Lewis, has threatened EU citizens with deportation from the UK if they do not apply for settled status after Brexit.  Watch Solidarity with EU migrant’s footage here.
In Harrow, based on the figures released by the government, Harrow Liberal Democrats inform that of the 19,910 EU nationals across Harrow who have applied for permanent residency, only 9,990 have been offered settled status. 5,980 have been granted pre-settled status, which only gives the temporary right to stay in the UK.
Another 3,870 EU nationals living in Harrow have applied for permanent residency but are still waiting for a final decision to be made.
2,690 of the applications for settled status in Harrow were for children, i.e. those under 18.
“Too many EU nationals in Harrow are deeply anxious about their right to stay. It’s disgraceful for the Conservative government to leave them in legal limbo like this” Liberal Democrat candidate for Harrow West Lisa-Maria Bornemann commented.
“The Leave campaign, during the referendum, promised that rights of EU citizens living in the UK would not be affected. This has been shown to be yet another Leave lie” Liberal Democrat candidate for Harrow East Adam Bernard added.