Toxic Belmont councillor & Brent North Tory candidate in deep trouble

LBC obtained dossier of ten serving and former Conservative councillors who have made or shared Islamophobic comments on social media – one of them is Belmont (Harrow) councillor Anjana Patel who despite her known toxicity was selected by Brent North Tories.
“Anjana Patel, a councillor in Harrow, who tweeted angrily at Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, asking her “how are you going to help?” after Hindu girls in India were molested and converted to “her religion” (Islam). As if it was somehow Malala’s responsibility.
This councillor seemed to hold Malala responsible for all Muslims” said LBC.
The charity TellMAMA who monitors hate/racist/Islamophobic incidents said: “This is clearly unacceptable and we have to question how did these councillors become councillors in the Conservative Party when they’re promoting a narrative that is anti-Muslim”.
Harrow Monitoring Group has been expressing concerns about such a divisive MP and some councillors which Harrow East Conservative Association selects and nurtures  – and as they have not acted upon, they are a part of the problem.
“But also, the councillors that have had their accounts taken down, what are the procedures and investigations that have been put in place to address their mindset?” added TellMAMA.
Cllr Anjana Patel took her twitter account down but before that, screen shots of her several toxic tweets have been saved.
A Conservative party spokesman said to the LBC: “We had already been made aware of the cases in this document and have already concluded the relevant investigations which have resulted in a range of sanctions, including expulsions”.
Harrow is already suffering from the hate campaign vote against Labour by some and could do well without more divisive Tories like Cllr Anjana Patel and Bob Blackman for whom she facilitates temple tours.