Harrow could have its first Muslim MP

AAAPolitics changes! Many conventional voters feel they have been taken for granted and are intending not to vote. Harrow West Tory candidate chances improve.
Harrow interfaith, building harmony and understanding among all faiths in Harrow, Tory candidate Dr Anwara Ali believes.
“all prophets past and present preached Peace” acknowledges God-fearing Dr Ali who takes pride in religious performance.
(not sure about present ‘prophets’ – perhaps she was thinking of Trump who sees himself as the messiah)
“Peace” is most needed in this general election which is full of toxicity and hypocrisy. For example ‘vote against Labour’ campaign, leading to local panicky,  divisive and patronising video statements.
AA13As a well-known community figure in Tower Hamlets and being Conservative friend of Bangladesh and Pakistan, Dr Ali is well supported by the Muslim community, particularly through the Conservative Muslim Forum.
She is an active volunteer of a Muslim Charity working to alleviate child poverty across the globe.
“I will be a fresh of pair eyes with a new vision. Using my skills and experience, gained both nationally and internationally, I will take Harrow West forward into the 21st Century” said Dr Ali.
Dr Ali is chasing 13,000 majority in Harrow West that had 13.9% i.e. 11,069 Muslim population at the 2011 Census but now significantly increased.
After attending Harrow Mencap hustings, Dr Ali acknowledged the pioneering charity which is doing a fantastic job with residents who suffer with learning disability and physical disability.
“I am looking forward to working with them to improve the lives of our residents – that is why I entered politics to make a difference, and Harrow Mencap are doing exactly that” said Dr Ali.