‘Unseat Bob Blackman in Harrow East’!

Labour supporters turned out in big numbers in Tory dominated Canons ward in a show of strength, supporting Labour candidate Pamela Fitzpatrick – see footage!
They joined Owen Jones, Labour activist and Guardian columnist, and Momentum on 20 November to unseat the Tories in Harrow East event held at the Canons Park station.
It has been reported that Harrow East’s Tory MP Bob Blackman is a right-wing extremist. He’s opposed equal marriage, called for the reintroduction of the anti-gay Section 28, has retweeted anti-Muslim hatred and a post by far right leader Tommy Robinson, as well as backing the bedroom tax, austerity, cuts to taxes on the rich, trebling tuition fees, privatisation and other unjust Tory policies, including removing hot meals for children from low income families.
In the last election, his majority collapsed from 4,757 to just 1,757 despite he has calculated his votes and stirs up emotions in the Indian and Jewish background voters for political gains all the time.
Many believe that Mr Blackman is not interested in Harrow.
Majority in Harrow East voted Remain but he works for Brexit.
He remains unconcerned about brutal force of Tory austerity that has slashed the expenditure of local government – Harrow council has lost £50m.
The Tories have cut millions from schools in Harrow since 2015 but Mr Blackman is least interested in working towards reversing these callous cuts.
Mr Blackman has not really done anything to ease huge pressure on A&E at Northwick Park.
Harrow CCG is almost £40 million in the red and its financial position worsening, resulting in three walk-in centres have closed or are closing. Mr Blackman has not supported residents concerns regarding the closure but is rather pleased that the clinics are now appointment only GP services.