Increased vulnerability, a serious concern in Harrow!

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott slams cuts to police and youth services on visit to Wealdstone in Harrow East constituency.
“Listening to local business owners and the people of Wealdstone, it’s clear that people are aware to the systemic problems that have proliferated under the Tories when it comes to keeping communities safe” she said.
Since the Tories came to power, a massive 21,000 police have been taken off the streets leading to massive rises in crime and councils have been starved of funding that supports local community centres and other forms of preventative measures.
There has been a worrying increase in hate crime since the referendum. In Harrow in the 12 months to Sept 2019 there were 648 racist and religious hate crimes reported up from 288 the previous year. Many people do not report incidents so the actual figure is likely to be higher.
“We will put thousands of more police on our streets to make the people of Harrow East feel safer today but we won’t stop there. A Labour government will take action to address the causes of crime and end the epidemic and tackle at its root causes” said Ms Abbott.
EJ6e-dDXkAAQtiMPamela Fitzpatrick, Labour candidate for Harrow East who was with Ms Abbott (R), added:  “It saddens to me to speak to local people in the area and hear them worried about the safety of them and their family. The people of Wealdstone should feel as safe as people in Windsor.  Harrow East will be safer under a Labour government, putting more police on the streets and funding youth services to stop crime at its root causes”.
Regarding the housing crisis, another associated concern, Ms Fitzpatrick said that whilst Boris Johnson is refusing to fund the council and social homes our people desperately need, “a Labour Government will give the go ahead to over a million low-cost homes over the next 10 years.”
There are more than 1,883 people waiting for a council home in Harrow – but not a single home was built for them last year, Ms Fitzpatrick informed.
The number of socially rented homes being built in Harrow has fallen from 237 in 2010/11, when the last Labour government’s funding for councils was still being delivered, to zero in 2017/18 – the last financial year for which there are figures.