Election 2019

Untitled-1Entry of the Brexit party candidate Richard Jones, who believes that “trust in our democracy is under threat” and who is ready to “reform” the political system, could have the same beneficial effect for Tory candidate Dr Anwara Ali as did the *Referendum party in 1997 when Gareth Thomas unexpectedly won since there are many Labour Leavers in Harrow West – (*Referendum party gained 1997 votes and Gareth Thomas won by 1200 votes).
AAAThough Harrow has a possibility to have its first Muslim MP, perhaps her party is not enthusiastic about it.
Dr Anwara Ali and few of her fellow Bangladeshi friends from her town Tower Hamlets were seen distributing her introduction leaflet outside the Harrow mosque this Friday. They were pleading for a vote for her just because who she is – no professional canvassing!
Not only that she seems to have no local prominent Tories around (like the leader and deputy leader of the Tory group) but she seems to be missing political direction for a meaningful campaign.
Politically rather immature leaflet, printed in East End and probably from her money, says “I understand the issues and concerns faced by many of you, rising gang crime, fly-tipping, high rise developments with loss of historic skyline, stretched NHS services and loss of green space”.
Is there ‘gang crime’ in Harrow? Usually these are the councillors and not an MP who try to resolve ‘fli-tipping’ issues. Most of the ‘high rise developments’ in Harrow have already taken place and the use of green spaces is according to the local, regionally and national planning policies and guidelines.
While Dr Ali has been left to swim or sink, her background is well used by local and national Tory party to veil Islamophobia in the party.
For example, nationally, to shield Boris Johnson who is a “racist PM and a racist candidate”, according to the founder of Momentum Jon Lansman  who was recently speaking in Harrow.
Locally, to defend the well exposed Harrow East candidate Bob Blackman for his endorsement of anti-Muslim elements, and the Belmont councillor and Brent North Tory candidate Anjana Patel for her anti-Muslim comments.