Election 2019 (continued)

Untitled-2Snapshot survey by the Harrow Monitoring Group indicates that Tory candidate Bob Blackman has disappointed many voters who feel that he is more interested in retaining his seat than resolving the overriding Harrow issues.
In the 2017 general election, Labour achieved +5.3 swing, slashing Mr Blackman’s (Con) majority from 4,757 in 2015 to 1,757, despite his divisive politics, like using places of worship and exploiting sectarian and international issues, to attract the Indian or Jewish background voters.
Many others did, but did Mr Blackman distance himself from the toxic messages (‘vote against Labour’) circulating within a certain community which he extensively works on?
After rubbishing Jeremy Corby in his recent letter to the residents, Mr Blackman poses a question: would they vote for him who has “actively represented” them or “Jeremy Corbyn representative in Harrow”?
Far from representing the interests of majority constituents, he is supporting Brexit even when reminded that majority in Harrow East voted for Remain!!
He remains unconcerned about the brutal force of Tory enforced austerity that has harshly cut down the expenditure of local government which has serious implications for the council services – Harrow council has lost £50m.
The austerity and the resulting socio-economic deprivation might not be significant issues in the four Tory dominated wards, these are very real matters in the other wards in Harrow East.
Harrow CCG is almost £40 million in the red and its financial position worsening, resulting in three walk-in centres have closed or are closing. Mr Blackman has not supported residents concerns regarding the closure but is rather pleased that the clinics are now appointment only GP services.