‘charter of renters’

Untitled-3Labour has set out plans to put power in the hands of tenants with a new ‘charter of renters’ rights which will protect private renters from bad landlords.
The charter will enable new open-ended tenancies, protecting tenants from unfair eviction; new minimum standards, backed by a new annual property MOT as well as fresh local enforcement powers, and local housing allowance increased to cover the cost of renting.
The national ‘property MOT’ would introduce a legal requirement for landlords to complete an independent annual inspection to ensure homes are up to scratch, with tough fines and forced repayment of rent to tenants if landlords let out sub-standard properties or flout the rules.
Nationally, one in four private rented homes are classed as ‘non-decent’, meaning they are damp, cold, in disrepair or unsafe to live in.
There are 27,723 households in Harrow – 31% – that will benefit from the Labour’s plans.
PamLabour’s candidate in Harrow East, Pamela Fitzpatrick, said “As the number of council homes has been cut by the Tories, there have been more and more private renters, with fewer and fewer choices.
“Now one in three families are renting privately here, and none of them are protected by the government if their landlord tries to get one over on them.
“It doesn’t have to be this way: what we need are rent controls and strong rights to help renters against dodgy landlords. That’s real change for renters.
“Everyone deserves high quality housing – and this is how we’ll make sure we get it. Labour’s got your back.”