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“Over the past few weeks I have been contacted by many members asking me to put myself forward.  They have been distraught at the revelations in a recently leaked labour report and alarmed that some in our party do not appear to understand such conduct is unacceptable in the modern workplace.  I can recall only two occasions when members have been so angry, the scandal of MP expenses and the Iraq war” said Ms Fitzpatrick.
Ms Fitzpatrick who stands firm for social justice and equality could not win Harrow East at the last general election but did very well considering unfavourable circumstances – pro and against Corbyn division within the Labour party had adverse impact on the election outcome locally and nationally.
“The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the terrible consequences of austerity and inequality in our society.  We desperately need a Labour Government to rebuild Britain.  However, as any trade unionist knows we cannot win whilst we are divided and dysfunctional” she said.
“The labour party is at a crucial juncture at a time of unprecedented crisis. The incoming General Secretary must ensure that Labour is a party that genuinely lives up to its values and is one which uses all its resources fairly and effectively to achieve a Labour government.  If successful I will ensure this happens” Ms Fitzpatrick added.
Hope Ms Fitzpatrick would be able to patch the division in the Labour party which looks more pronounced now as those on the ‘left’ of the party have been seemingly penalised under new leadership. For example, active Brent North MP Barry Gardiner could not but rather tired Harrow West MP Gareth Thomas has retained his shadow position.