Well deserved Freedom of the Borough

A special Harrow council video meeting on 7 July marked the commitment and diligent service of Alderman Keith Toms as a councillor of the London Borough of Harrow, and unanimously conferred on him the Honour of Freedom of the Borough.
“I’m greatly honoured by the Freedom of the Borough in a safest and most diverse borough where people respect others and the law” said Alderman Keith Toms.
“We have worked hard on race relations and pleasantly experience very positive communal relationships” added Mr Toms who stands for social justice and equality.
Alderman Keith Toms was first elected Harrow councillor in 1974 and served continuously until 2006 when he stood down having completed 32 years as a councillor of the London Borough of Harrow.
As a councillor, Alderman Toms served on all the major council committees and was Leader of the opposition. He was Harrow Mayor in 1996/97.
From 1998-2002 he was deputy leader of the council and in this role he presented Harrow on the Association of London Government. The Association appointed him Ambassador for London in 1998.
In July 2006 Harrow councillors unanimously voted to invest him with the title of Honorary Alderman. He has been warmly and actively performing this honourable civic duty since.