Coronavirus alert!

GHFollowing the national rise in coronavirus cases (352,560 cases and 41,586 deaths as of 9/9/2020), Harrow council leader Cllr Graham Henson alerts “Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the borough, as well as other parts of London, are indeed rising”.
He informs that last week, council data showed there were 54 confirmed coronavirus cases in the borough in the final week of August – those aged 20-50 are the most affected group – but overall below the figure where a local lockdown would be considered.
“The rise comes as we return to places of work and school and bring about some normality in visiting shops and restaurants again. But the risks of catching and spreading the virus when we are outside of our homes increase. You are most at risk when in busy crowds, confined spaces or close contact with others” he said.
Both Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer showed less care for C19 spread and favoured fully re-opening the schools: we  drove pass some high schools in Harrow at the closing – streets were full of readily  mingling pupils – no masks, no social distancing – very worrying indeed!
In a separate move, the Socialist Campaign Group asks the government to pursue zero covid strategy which puts the health of the people first.