Coronavirus concerns in Harrow

“There have been numerous reports in the press and across social media about the significant rise across the county of people being tested positive for Covid-19 and residents, like us, are quite rightly worried about a second wave of the virus” Cllr Graham Henson, leader of the Harrow council, has said.
National press reported the number of coronavirus cases have doubled in Harrow in the space of a week.
In the seven days to September 1, there were 41 new cases in the borough, which doubled in the week to September 8, reported MyLondon.
Cllr Henson informs the rate of infection in Harrow was at 26.4 people per 100,000 residents as the latest data show (32.3 according to MyLondon), below 40 that could trigger local lockdown.
“Currently, there are no plans for the drastic local lockdown action in the borough as there has been in other parts of the country, however we will not hesitate in using the new enforcement and closure powers if we need to” said Cllr Henson.
“If we are to reduce the spread of the virus in Harrow we must all continue to do our bit – by continuing to wash our hands and wear face coverings and social distancing where possible. Remember the Hands, Face, Space mantra” appeals Cllr Henson.
Cllr Henson reminds: “The new rule of six is now effective and we must all see it as a helpful means of virus control. It is there to protect our friends and families and save lives. Remember to get tested if you have any symptoms and let’s work together to track Covid-19. We must be all doing our bit to keep Harrow safe”.
Another local concern about the coronavirus is that some Harrow pupils have been tested positive on their return to now reopened schools (they have not been infected at the schools).
In any case, Harrow West MP Gareth Thomas has raised concern: “I am told that parents & their children cannot get an Covid test in or near Harrow”.