Another Harrow known Tory character in news!

UPDATE: pressure is building on the Harrow opposition group (Conservative) to immediately suspend Cllr Kamaljit Chana from the group while this matter is being investigated with the eventual outcome to expel him from the party.
Formal complaints have been made to local and national Conservatives, including by the Harrow Monitoring Group. Cllr Chana’s political future is seriously in danger.

Bristol employment tribunal ruled that Zeinab Alipourbabaie, a senior electronic engineer at Sir James Dyson’s bases in Wiltshire, was excluded from meetings and emails, criticised unfairly to the company vice-president and advised against promoting her by a senior technical project manager, Kamaljit Chana, (also a Conservative councillor in Harrow).
“Bristol employment tribunal found that in a one-to-one meeting with Alipourbabaie in February 2017, Chana, a Sikh, also said: “Muslims are violent” and “Pakistani men are grooming our girls”, reports The Times.
The company said it had disciplined Chana for bullying, “These allegations were investigated fully and disciplinary action was taken against Kamaljit Chana who was found to have acted inappropriately” the Times reports.
The Conservative Party said it would investigate if it received a complaint, according to the Times.
Harrow surprised? Before this:
Anjana Patel, a Tory councillor in Harrow, “tweeted angrily at Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, asking her “how are you going to help?” after Hindu girls in India were molested and converted to “her religion” (Islam). As if it was somehow Malala’s responsibility”, included in ‘LBC obtains dossier showing 10 Tory councillors sharing Islamophobic comments
Stephen Wright, a Tory councillor, was censured by Harrow Council’s standards working group, which unanimously found he had brought his office into disrepute.
It came following a complaint from a woman who alleged he had “used information to exaggerate his influence as a powerful decision-maker to form an inappropriate personal relationship with her” reported the Harrow Times.