Cllr Chana playing ‘appeal’ tactic

UPDATE: On our specific question whether Dyson is going to appeal against the Bristol Employment Tribunal decision in Zeinab Alipourbabaie V Dyson case, Dyson has replied:
“These allegations were investigated fully and disciplinary action was taken against Kamaljit Chana who was found to have acted inappropriately and no longer works for Dyson.”
Regarding the Tribunal decision, they said, “The claim of constructive dismissal was upheld on the basis of the harassment perpetrated by one individual and the tribunal found that Dyson’s promotions process and decisions were not discriminatory.”
Implicit response to our question therefore is that Dyson needs not to appeal against the Tribunal decision as the Tribunal decision was on the basis of the harassment perpetrated by one individual and not due to the Dyson HR specific process.
We understand Cllr Chana can’t appeal against the Tribunal decision in Zeinab Alipourbabaie V Dyson case himself.

Former Dyson Engineer Zeinab Alipourbabaie, who worked for Dyson at its bases in Wiltshire, succeeds in harassment and discrimination claim.
Bristol Employment Tribunal upheld three allegations of harassment related to religion and one allegation of religious discrimination brought by her.
Miss Alipourbabaie claims related to her treatment and discriminatory comments said by senior technical project manager, Kamaljit Chana, also a Conservative councillor for the ethnically diverse Pinner South, Harrow Council.
Appeal play: Dyson has to lodge an appeal against the Tribunal decision within 42 days – Dyson has not said they are lodging such an appeal! But by bringing the possibility of an appeal, Cllr Chana is seemingly trying to delay the Conservative group’s decision making process.
Irrespective of whether an appeal is lodged against the tribunal decision or not or the outcome of an appeal if lodged, the fact is that the Tribunal found that in a one-to-one meeting with Miss Alipourbabaie in February 2017, Dyson manager Mr Chana, said: “I do not like Muslims” “Muslims are violent“ and “Pakistani men are grooming our girls”.
The Judgment of the Tribunal stated: “Mr Chana then proceeded to exclude Miss Alipourbabaie from meetings and emails making it difficult for her to carry out her role, both of which the Tribunal found amounted to harassment related to religion.”
The Judgement also included: “Although Mr Chana denied he had made those comments, the Tribunal said Miss Alipourbabaie’s evidence was both compelling and persuasive.”
In any case, the concern about Cllr Chana suitability as a Conservative party member and a councillor is that:
‘Cllr Chana’s unprofessional and discriminatory character emerging from the Tribunal findings where he has been found guilty of religious discrimination and harassment in the workplace, makes his public office position unattainable and could reasonably be regarded as bringing not only his office as Councillor but also the Conservatives as well as the Council into disrepute.’
This case should serve as a reminder to others that when in a position of authority, all must be treated absolutely fairly and that any harassment and discrimination on grounds of religion will not be tolerated by the council or the political groups on the council.