Up to £100 fine for street anti-social behaviour

We received reports of sighting Environmental Enforcement Officer at the Harrow Town Centre and were asked questions about their role, responsibilities and powers (couldn’t find this information on the Harrow council website!!).
These officers are in a police-like outfit, including wearing Body Worn Cameras which should only be switched on when approaching people to issue fines and record conversations. The officers should also let people know that they are being recorded.
We understand from the Harrow council that these officers or the council approved such third party officers are now doing a lot of work around covid-19 public and businesses engagement but their usual status, functions and powers are:
Status – on street, third party enforcement team works for the Community & Public Protection Team, handling low level environmental matters.
Functions – business as usual would be issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) for low level environmental matters   – up to £100 fine.
They are authorised to serve FPNs and take legal action around a number of areas (e.g. littering, spitting, dog fouling or breach of a dog control).
Conducting legal criminal matters under the scope of PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984) (apparently it is the police and not they who could book for legal crimes – however, they can detain for up to 30 minutes until a Police Officer arrives).
Keep the council clean campaign in some councils aims to catch those who undertake environmental crime. The campaigns have been publicised heavily, including bus panel posters and high street posters across the borough, media releases (newspapers), the council website and social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook.