TfL funding – government demands completely unacceptable

NS2“I’m at the forefront of challenging the Government’s draconian demands and working closely with stakeholders like Age UK London and Transport for All” says Brent and Harrow GLA member Navin Shah.
“TfL now needs a long-term, sustainable funding arrangement to keep services running, but the Government have dragged their heels” he said.
As part of the negotiations for funding the Government has put forward the following key demands as the bargaining chip:
  • Extend the Congestion Charge Zone to the North and South Circulars so that it covers 4 million more Londoners
  • Fares increase above inflation
  • Introduce a new council tax precept on Londoners which will substantially add to the council tax burden for struggling Londoners
  • Scrap free travel for 11-18 year olds
  • Reduce concessionary fares for 60 plus
“I find it disgraceful that Londoners and TfL are punished by government for acting responsibly and following the guidelines during the pandemic” said Navin Shah.
The London mayor Sadiq Khan has rejected and condemned the Government’s proposals at every opportunity.