Unholy Labour divide in Harrow!

Harrow Labour division – apparently Gareth Thomas MP Harrow West constituency V Labour candidate Cllr Pamela Fitzpatrick Harrow East constituency  – became so obvious at the last general election where Gareth Thomas drained most Labour resources and Harrow East Labour election campaign was left to rely mostly on the out of borough resources for the campaign activities.
A similar situation existed at the 2017 general election when Navin Shah (Lab) was given only few weeks to canvass the constituency with the help of his friends and family (he didn’t win but significantly reduced sitting MP Bob Blackman’s majority).
After a local Labour party meeting, Cllr Pamela Fitzpatrick tweeted on 22 October:
Now following Jeremy Corbyn scenario, the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour Councillors (Cllr Pamela Fitzpatrick being a founder member) have called for Jeremy Corbyn to be reinstated to the Labour Party after he was suspended, which many suspect in a vindictive move,  after he issued a statement in response to the publication of an Equality and Human Rights Commission report.
“Jeremy Corbyn is a lifelong anti-racist campaigner who for decades has consistently offered – even when many others have too often stayed silent – his full and complete solidarity to ordinary working people in all their diversity.
“Jeremy Corbyn embodies the anti-racist struggle, and we are appalled that he has been suspended from the Labour Party. We call for him to be reinstated” said the socialist group.
As expected, a few Harrow Labour councillors, Gareth Thomas supporters, who were hardly near last Harrow East election campaign, toxically twitted supporting Jeremy Corbyn suspension!