How ‘superficially’ council handles community matters: Harrow council inadequate Islamophobia response raises further concerns

Many feel that Harrow council has generally failed to meaningfully recognise, support the Islamophobia awareness month campaign or to show any commitment to embed the awareness in the work of the council.
It is quite worrying to hear comments like: ‘frogs before Muslims, only in Harrow could this happen’ with reference to the council supported campaign ‘Harrow Go Green, meaning that where fits, the council can indulge in campaigns of its choice.
Only on 23 November, following an early petition to the council and our article on 18th, Harrow council has now tweeted:
HCISLAMOPHOBIAThe council is not a charitable welfare organisation, providing face cream and tissues to the victims but is a service provider where they need to embed community concerns in its work in a meaningful way. It is highly concerning that the council either does not fully understand its role and functions or does not take these seriously.
In a broader sense, it is not only the Council’s response to Islamophobia that is concerning but how superficially and deceptively the council handles community matters.
For example, adopting Islamophobia paper definition or organising a webinar for few invited attendees  is good but not good enough to take practical steps like to map the campaign scope across the work of the council and integrate it in the council drive for equality.
Pity that Harrow council still lacks a firm public statement in this Islamophobia awareness month supporting the awareness campaign in clear terms, like: ‘This Council supports raising Islamophobia awareness with a firm commitment that the awareness gleaned would inform the council plans to tackle all forms of racism, prejudice and discrimination’ without worrying about any backlash from others!