Caring Harrow East Labour ask local residential landlords to lower rent by 25% for one year

Harrow East Labour members meeting on 24 November acknowledged that the Labour Party is in the business of supporting and helping the young, low income families and those battling unemployment.
The meeting also noted many (although not all) landlords in Wealdstone, Edgware, Stanmore, Queensbury and Harrow Weald are well off and have made – and are still making during these tough times – very large profits, month in month out – and that many have multiple properties.
Since April this year at least 90,063 people in the UK have been threatened with homelessness – and more than half of these have already lost their accommodation.
Pam“COVID has hit Harrow very harshly and there are still lots of illegal evictions going on despite the supposed ban” Pamela Fitzpatrick, director Harrow Law Centre, previously observed.
The government came under increased pressure to reinstate a ban on evicting tenants during the England-wide coronavirus lockdown but while homeowners were offered mortgage payment holidays, the government has not reinstated the ban on tenant evictions, which expired in September.
To help ordinary working people in these times of emergency, the Labour meeting resolved to ‘call upon all local residential landlords, where it’s financially possible, who are charging the ‘market rate’, to lower their weekly and/or monthly rents by at least 25% for one year’.
“This will help tens of thousands of local residents, both mentally and financially, and will release much needed extra money into the local economy” the meeting deliberated.
Pamela Fitzpatrick, Harrow East Labour parliamentary candidate last general election, later said: “Fantastic time see Harrow East raising this important issue. The Hugh cost of rents is pushing people in Harrow into poverty and the savage cuts to benefits by the Tory government means local people are often having to make a choice between eating and paying the rent”.
Another motion agreed by the meeting, as has been done by a number of other Constituency Labour Parties (CLP), was  demanding the restoration of the Whip to Jeremy Corbyn MP.