‘Destruction’ of a Green and wildlife corridor in Harrow

265A variety of campaigners have been calling on Harrow Council’s planning regime to reject the planning application to build residential units at 265 The Ridgeway, Harrow, a wider green corridor full of wildlife.
The campaigners argue that the development is not in keeping with the local area, will have a detrimental impact on the local neighbourhood, park and allotments.
Regarding the environment damage already taking place, Emma Wallace, Green Party GLA candidate for Brent and Harrow reported “On the morning of Saturday 19th December 2020, a team of volunteers arrived at the Pavilion site, 265 The Ridgeway with chainsaws and chopped down the trees and foliage in the green corridor running North of the site boundary.  The group of volunteers behind this were Harrow Gospel Hall Trust, otherwise known as the Brethren”.
West Harrow Cllr Adam Swersky (Lab) tweeted: ‘Worst thing I’ve seen in 6 years as a cllr – demolition of a whole tree line by volunteers (incl kids) with chainsaws acting for a religious group who have a major planning application on the site. Ignored me and Council officers – said they were just “doing a job”. Appalling.’
Whilst a decision by the Council planning committee has been delayed until early 2021, Harrow Council is not considered being supportive of local campaigners.  Indeed, when Harrow Council was asked for comment after the act of wildlife vandalism on Saturday, their response was that Brethren were in their legal right.
“I am calling on Harrow Council to do the right thing and reject this short-sighted and hugely detrimental development in West Harrow.  Harrow Council must do all it can to preserve green spaces in borough, in line with its Climate Change Strategy” Ms Wallace said.
“It is completely out-of-keeping with the rest of the low-level area and will have a negative impact on local wildlife, surrounding green spaces, local residents, as well as the roads and local infrastructure” she added.