Disruptive Harrow opposition councillor continues her behaviour at City Hall

Tory appointed London assembly member Susan Hall, a Harrow councillor enjoying full council allowances while participating little in the work of the council, uses her City Hall position to gain publicity.
Her individual  targeting, practised while leading Tory opposition in Harrow, continues; now attacking London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who faced the worst Tory racist campaign in 2016 London mayor election, for taking interest in the wider welfare of Londoners.42D29E9F-3D5B-4B87-8575-E4E7031774F3
During a very recent interview with an online right-wing newspaper, Hall unduly criticised the London Mayor’s handling of the Met Police finances. She also questioned what the ‘personality colour test’ carried out by officers in 2018 achieved for the police officials that took part in the course.
[the personality colour test, widely used in commerce and industry,  asks a series of questions to rate likes and dislikes leading to well recognised personality grading, all to maximise professionalism]
The test was initially carried out as part of a five-day workshop on communication and engagement in view of popular view to early detect and address any heavy-handedness/discriminatory tendencies in the Met.
A spokesman for the London mayor dismissed Hall’s claim of inappropriate use of the police funding for ‘personality colour test’ and said: “This claim is absolute nonsense”.
“A comprehensive training package covering a whole range of areas is being delivered to more than 10,000 officers”.
But of course such a training programme has not seen favourably by the elements that oppose ‘black lives matter’ movement and do not like measures for better policing.
Regarding the police funding management generally, the mayor has not only used the funds very wisely but also provided further City Hall funding to help protect police officer numbers over the next year, though still facing huge financial challenges because the government refuses to refund City Hall and the Met for costs and lost income as a result of the pandemic.
Hall also criticised that “As a Mayor, all he ever does is talks about things he cannot affect like Brexit.”
In responding to her toxicity, a spokesman for the Mayor of London said: “Sadiq makes no apology whatsoever for standing up for London.
“Whether it is defending the capital from the impact of Brexit, holding the Government to account over its mishandling of COVID-19, or killing off the worst Government proposals to hit Londoners in the pocket in return for a TfL funding deal, the Mayor will always put the capital first.”