Winter fuel payment for all on low income, insists Harrow socialist

A survey found that 72% household, the equivalent of 20 million, across the UK fear an increase in their energy usage during the lockdown and that they face an average increase of over £32 per month in energy bills.
Demand is growing that the government must do more to help people cope with rising fuel bills this winter as they stay in more and work from home during the lockdown.
Pam“Staying home in January and February as temperatures drop to below zero means even higher fuel bills. The Government needs to expand the winter fuel payment scheme to all those on a low income to ensure that families do not have to make the difficult choice between eating and heating” asks Cllr Pamela Fitzpatrick (photo), a leading founder of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour Councillors and Harrow East parliamentary candidate in 2019.
Even before the outbreak of Covid-19 hundreds of thousands of people were already struggling with energy bills. What the coronavirus crisis does in addition to increasing energy usage for those at home, is to create an uncertainty and insecurity of income for workers. There is a real risk these higher prices will fall heaviest on those least able to pay.
“The Government mishandling of the COVID 19 crisis means that we find ourselves in no better a situation than at the start of the pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs or on reduced pay and the crisis has vividly exposed the problems ordinary working people face with the combination of insecure low paid work and an inadequate benefit system” Ms Fitzpatrick said.
The survey found that for those working from home, there is growing financial anxiety, as almost half (44%) worry that working from home will lead to unaffordable energy bills.
Would Harrow MPs and the council follow the lead, and ask the government to expand the winter fuel payment scheme to all those on a low income?
Wonder why the ‘selected’ Labour leader Starmer is not pressing government hard to meaningfully deal with the coronavirus and its adverse socio-economic impact on the quality of people lives but then he seems more keen on frequently saying ‘Labour supports the government’!