Covid-19 vaccination well organised in Harrow – positive experience

20210112_150945Harrow has started its Covid-19 vaccination programme, mainly using Pfizer-BioNTech which needs 2 shots, 21 days apart. The shot is given in the muscle of the upper arm.
The vaccination reduces the chances of suffering from Covid-19 but it takes a few weeks for the body to build up protection from the vaccine. So it is important to follow up the guidance to avoid catching/ spreading the infection.
Following is a typical feedback on having the vaccination.
‘Being a Harrow resident from a vaccination priority group, GP arranged my vaccination at the Hive Stadium, Camrose Ave, Edgware.
The vaccination has been very well organised. The vaccination centre is helpfully sign-posted, outside/inside the Hive. Equally helpful are the volunteers who are at the car park (free car parking token given) and inside the vaccination centre, helpfully guiding through the process of registration, to the vaccination stations and in seeking the follow up appointment for the second shot.
The vaccination desks and the seating are well arranged –  provide comfy and safe environment. The nurse doing the vaccination is cheerful, thoroughly explained the vaccination process and the follow up procedures. The injection itself took only few seconds and was painless. Noticed at least one doctor in attendance.
After the injection and booking next appointment, there is a period of ten minutes to sit and relax before leaving the vaccination centre (two wall clocks have been placed to obverse ten minutes). The experience of vaccination has been smooth and positive.’
In term of improvement, perhaps a feedback form at the centre would be a helpful addition, particularly to occupy the vaccination takers while they stay for ten minutes after the vaccination.
There are few other vaccination centres in Harrow, including Harrow Leisure Centre’s Byron Hall, in Christchurch Avenue, Wealdstone.
In Harrow 14,621 total cases to 12 January and 462 coronavirus-related deaths registered to 1 January.