Take-up of self-isolation by Covid-19 positives is very low, resulting rapid spread

Harrow Covid-19 spread has been alarming: 491 deaths and 17,046 total cases (97,329 deaths and 3,617,459 cases nationally).
While the Harrow council is doing what it can to educate about self-isolation by those tested corona positive to avoid spread of the infection, it can’t provide the level of support for the working people in isolation that they need.
Harrow’s reality has to reflect in the national situation where less than 20% of people in England fully self-isolate and stay home when asked to do so, according to documents released from the government’s scientific advisory group for emergencies, as reported by the Guardian.
It is not that working people don’t care and decline self-isolation but because of inadequate government support. There is a desperate need for a furlough scheme that is worthy of the name as well as not cutting Universal Credit, but instead increasing Universal Credit, and increasing statutory sick pay.
What is also lacking is a proper mechanism of support, and proper funding of people in corona isolation.
Speaker after speaker at the Zero Covid Coalition launch Zoom meeting on 24 January articulated that the government’s handling of the pandemic has been nothing short of disastrous. There has been a steadfast refusal to learn from the mistakes of the past or from the successes of other countries.
Jeremy Corbyn at the Zero Covid meeting said: “We’ve seen the best and the worst in our society (in dealing with Covid-19). The worst has been the greed. The worst has been a deception and dishonesty, and the best has been the professionalism in the NHS and in the care in local government”.
“It’s the negligence of government, it’s the delay on decisions, it’s the incompetence, it’s the inefficiency that has cost 1000s and 1000s of lives that need not have died because of corona and  which could have been supported and saved” he said.