Dismay on the way Labour party has dealt with ‘anti-black racism’

While the Labour leader Keir Starmer is busy in playing nationalism, nine black MPs in an open letter have expressed their dismay on the way the party has dealt with anti-black racism within the party.
The reference is to Forde Inquiry, led by Martin Forde QC, that was tasked with looking into an internal report, leaked online last year, on Labour’s handling of racism complaints. Findings of the inquiry have now been delayed indefinitely.
The Forde Inquiry was originally set to conclude in mid-July, but this timescale was described by Forde as “impractical”. It then aimed to deliver the report “by the end of 2020”, which was later changed to “early in 2021”.
The delay in publishing the inquiry report is intriguing given that local elections are expected to be held on 6 May 2021 in English local councils and for thirteen directly elected mayors in England as well as elections in the parliaments and assemblies of Scotland, Wales and London, the last in conjunction with the London mayoral election.
In term of racism, its complaints and their implications, Harrow is likely to reflect the national picture.
‘Following reports the Forde Inquiry has been delayed “indefinitely” the Labour Party has a responsibility to ensure its findings are published as soon as practicable and must consider the perspectives of black and ethnic minority members in its decision’ Kate Osamor MP for Edmonton tweeted.
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