Tests urged after South African Covid strain found

20210315_150606Harrow residents and workers are being urged to do all they can to prevent the spread of Covid-19 following few cases of the South African variant.
Working with Public Health England, the council will shortly offer tests to anyone over the age of 16 living or working in some selected streets.
Those in Belmont, Harrow Weald, Hatch End, Headstone North, Marlborough and Wealdstone wards will be asked either to complete a home test or book a test at Harrow Arts Centre.
Anyone testing positive must self-isolate for 10 days. People on low incomes unable to work because they’re self-isolating may be able to claim a £500 payment.
Carole Furlong, Harrow’s Director of Public Health, said, “I’d urge everyone invited to take part in surge testing to do so.
“By testing you’ll be helping to limit the spread of Covid and make the lifting of further lockdown restrictions more likely. “
“This variant is still quite new – while there’s no evidence that it’s more serious than others, or that vaccines are less effective against it, our understanding of it is still quite limited” she said.