Byron Hall, potential Covid-19 vaccination hub, could do better!

A recent meeting of the Harrow Council health and wellbeing board heard that the borough’s vaccination programme will be predominantly based at Byron Hall in Harrow when the vaccination at Hives and Tithe Farm would cease on April 30.
Therefore, it is worrying to hear that those who were called for their second dose of the vaccination today found the Byron Hall operations are closed till at least next Sunday – no prior notice of the closure seems to have been given to the attendees.
Lisa Henschen, assistant managing director for primary and community care at NHS Harrow, told the meeting that the Byron Hall will be utilised as a “hybrid” vaccination site, delivering all second doses save for some ‘roving teams’ for housebound residents from May 1.
It will also be responsible for 80 per cent of first doses from this date, complemented by the roving teams (one per cent), GP-led satellite clinics (nine per cent) and pharmacy sites (ten per cent).
The meeting also heard that there will be an effort to improve the vaccination statistics among social care workers and those with learning disabilities in Harrow, where 54.6 per cent and 65.6 per cent of these groups have received their first dose, respectively.
The wellbeing board, seemingly good in listening than active intervention, is well represented by the Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group, Councillors and Healthwatch Harrow,  but its firmness in demanding better health care and wellbeing is somewhat over-shadowed by the considerations of the budgetary constraints of the  Clinical Commissioning Group.