London assembly needs overhaul, says a retiring member

“The imbalance between the Mayor’s powers and that of Assembly Members is stark. Assembly Members require power and recognition they sadly lack in the current governance arrangements. And it is my firm belief, that a fundamental overhaul is needed to address that imbalance” states Navin Shah (Lab), retiring Brent and Harrow London assembly member.
Mr Shah is but retiring Chair of the London Assembly over the past year. During the last 13 years he has served as the Chair of the Regeneration, Transport and Audit Committees and also served on Planning, Health & Public Services and Oversight Committees.
Mr Shah strongly believes in the London assembly reform and said, “I am in complete support of the GLA as a strategic body for London. However, 21 years on from the establishment of the GLA and the London Assembly, it is high time for a comprehensive and independent assessment to determine how the role of the London Assembly and Assembly Members can be strengthened”.
Mr Shah’s successor for Brent and Harrow Cllr Hirani and London mayor candidate Sadiq Khan, are set to win as the Tory candidates in the race have lost the sight of the winning post. Labour win despite low Labour voter turnout because of the poor and divisive Labour leadership, would reflect badly on Tories!