Investigation report finds Anti-Muslim sentiment within Tory Party

“Judging by the extent of complaints and findings of misconduct by the party itself that relate to anti-Muslim words and conduct, anti-Muslim sentiment remains a problem within the party” says the review by Professor Swaran Singh, a former equality and human rights commissioner, published today.
The review also found that the Tories complaints system is “in need of overhaul” due to its “under-resourced and inadequately trained” complaints team, a “weak” data collection system, and “poor” communication between officials, complainants and respondents.
Two-thirds of all incidents reported to the complaints team at the Tories’ headquarters related to allegations of anti-Muslim attitudes .
Previously, LBC obtained dossier showing 10 Tory councillors sharing Islamophobic comments, including Harrow councillor Anjana Patel, for example.
Regarding the Harrow Tories, there have been at least three high profile headlines:
bb4Harrow East MP Bob Blackman accused of Islamophobia after posting anti-Muslim article on Facebook 
APHarrow councillor Anjana Patel’s tweet included in Islamophobia dossier 
Online petition against Cllr Kamaljit Chana over IslamophobiaCH 
In the case of Cllr Chana, Harrow Tory group on the council, led by Cllr Osborn, was reassuring and did take firm action, suspending him from the group for six month but the national Tory party seems to have done nothing about the complaints against Cllr Chana.