Harrow councillor questioned about anti-semitism!

MAMarilyn Ashton, a Harrow councillor, used newspaper space (click the box above and scroll down to ‘comments’) and commented being unhappy with the response to her cabinet question to the newly appointed councillor Peymana Assad for community cohesion, crime & enforcement.
“It is appreciated that days after the recent escalation of anti-Semitic incidents in the U.K., the Communications Department issued a statement to Community Leaders on Cllr Assad’s behalf on this subject. Will Cllr. Assad outline her strategy for supporting and showing solidarity with the Jewish community in Harrow?” – the question Cllr Ashton asked.
Cllr Aston pointed out that Jewish people are afraid to display their faith overtly following a rise of antisemitic incidents.
Cllr Assad assured “We need to show solidarity with the Jewish community to make sure they know we stand shoulder to shoulder with them”.
The Harrow opposition Tory group has previously questioned the suitability of some Labour appointments to the cabinet.
The Harrow Monitoring Group has been critical of and exposes any divisive elements in the public life as this seriously hinders achieving ‘community cohesion’!