Heavy-handed Harrow Town Centre Public Spaces Protection Order discredited

Call-in2The Call-in notice, challenging the ill-thought and overly forceful Harrow Town Centre Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) decision, signed by 302 residents, has been sent to the Harrow council today (3 June).
The PSPO, promoted by a newly appointed inexperienced portfolio-holder and gone through the cabinet stage (27 May), forbids the activities like Amplification of music and voice; Placing of tables, chairs, stands and other fixings / furniture on the street and Distribution of leaflets.
Failure to comply with a PSPO is an offence and can lead to a summary conviction and fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale.  All enforcement officers as well as police are authorised to take action under it.
Historically and without any negative impact, the Town Centre has been used by the political parties and civic liberty groups for setting a table/stand for literature/canvassing, or distributing leaflets and amplifying canvassing voices.