Serious inadequacies in ill-thought Harrow Town Centre order

Harrow council’s call-in scrutiny sub-committee resolved (14 June) that the Harrow Town Centre Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) can be implemented but observed significant inadequacies.
The sub-committee considered the challenge, signed by 302 residents, to the ill-thought and overly forceful PSPO decision.
The PSPO, promoted by the portfolio-holder and gone through the cabinet stage (27 May), forbids the activities like Amplification of music and voice; Placing of tables, chairs, stands and other fixings / furniture on the street and Distribution of leaflets.
Failure to comply with a PSPO is an offence and can lead to a summary conviction and fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale.  All enforcement officers as well as police are authorised to take action under it (there is no publicity about the role, responsibilities and powers of the Harrow council Environmental Enforcement Officer –  however, we managed to find some useful information about them).
The Call-In sub-committee found that clarification is required in terms of expectations by virtue of existing legislation (religious and political groups, charities) and that this needs to be made clear in any publicity. Also, that any leaflet make it clear how the council will determine applications/requests for permission. The portfolio holder should also recognise that the order will be subject to review.
The portfolio holder Cllr Assad, present at the meeting, did not do well and attracted concerning comments.
“She did very badly and failed to address the issues raised with her.  In fact, she made excuses that she is new in the job and that this is not ‘her’ report.  Then why didn’t she ‘pull’ it.  Very unsatisfactory. Hopeless really.” said a resident who watched the meeting.
Nadeem Hussain who presented the Call-In notice later said “PSPOs can be an effective resource to counter unreasonable and persistent behaviour that adversely affects the quality of life for residents in Harrow.
“However,  there are strong concerns about parts of this PSPO. I was disappointed with lack of answers received from the Portfolio Holder to specific questions and points I raised at the call-in regarding protected characteristics of groups under the Equality Act 2010, clarity of language, transparency, proactively contacting and identifying those who are most likely to be affected, consideration of adequacy of litter bins in the town centre”.
“I am pleased that the Sub-Committee did make some recommendations to the Portfolio Holder but I felt they did not go far enough” Mr Hussain added.