Harrow socialist elected for a national committee!

PamHarrow East parliamentary candidate (Lab) last election and a dedicated socialist, Harrow Councillor Pamela Fitzpatrick  is one of the six socialist women elected to the Labour’s new National Women’s Committee.
Delighted Ms Fitzpatrick said, “I am hoping the party has some big ideas to deal with the inequality and injustice that women face today”.
Each year National Annual Women’s Conference brings together hundreds of Labour women, politicians, stakeholders and activists from across the country.
The conference enables Labour women members to better participate in policy-making and offers the opportunity to share ideas with delegates from across the UK.
The National Annual Women’s Conference 2021 (26 – 27 June), is online because of the Covid-19. There was no need to be a delegate to be part of this historic first online Conference – it was possible to apply to be a visitor (tickets started at £5) for this year’s National Annual Women’s Conference.
Ms Fitzpatrick secured 162,560 votes.
This socialist win through public vote (affiliate delegates) is yet another setback for the Labour leadership.  Keir Starmer was head-hunted to bring unity to the Labour Party but far from this, the party is now more divided in terms of left, right, centralist and socialist.
A recent tweet from Ms Fitzpatrick helps to understand why things are as they are: “The problem with letting Tories and other non-socialists into Labour is that it moves our party ever more to the right. These are the entryists into our party. They climb into positions of power feigning socialist credentials then set about expelling all the real socialists” – the tweet appeared soon after Tory John Bercow joined Labour.