Eye-opener for Labour!

While the Labour Party is struggling and face atrocious decline in vote share under its unpopular ‘new leadership’, the Peace and Justice Project, led by Jeremy Corbyn and actively supported by the socialists, including from Harrow, has  grown, taking   on   new   projects, developing new ideas, and building new coalitions of campaigners, despite the impact of the pandemic and lockdown on organising and activism.
“From opposing Boris Johnson’s protest ban, to standing in solidarity with the people of Palestine, to working with food banks in Liverpool and London clothes banks Nottingham, to hosting ten thousand people at a global conference led by refugees; we’ve taken on the powerful and organised for a better world” reports the recently published Biannual Report of the project.
The  Peace  and  Justice  Project, founded by Jeremy Corbyn, is  an organisation with deep ties to the  labour  movement  in  the  UK  and overseas as well as social movements and progressive   activists.  It has a potential of becoming a political party like the Co-operative Party that has an electoral agreement with Labour Party since 1927.
“The peace and justice project is a very timely initiative. The world is in a parlous state and COVID19 has cast stark new light on the inequality and injustice surrounding us” Harrow councillor Pamela Fitzpatrick, a leading founder of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour Councillors, said after the launch of the nationwide project.
“Jeremy Corbyn is a politician who is genuinely altruistic and has been a powerful campaigner for peace and justice for decades. I very much welcome this exciting initiative” she added.
Achievements of the project include:

  • Seeing 10,000 in attendance at their global refugee voices conference, held in partnership with the ITF.
  • Supporting Palestine demonstrations which mobilised up to 200,000 people and increased international pressure on the Israeli government.
  • Gained thousands of signatures on their vaccine internationalism petition and brought together leading figures in health campaigning across the world at their roundtable on the issue.
The movement is working on the projects from improving independent media   infrastructure to researching the impacts of Britain’s new Defence Review, to mobilising people to support food banks.