Concerning ambulance delay in attending an injured Harrow child

ambulanceVery concerning to read that it took an hour and a half for a paramedic to arrive to attend a five-year-old who suffered a broken collarbone after she was hit by a falling fire door at the Stag Lane Primary School.
Yet another example of under resourced NHS work!
The incident reportedly happened at around 2.30pm on Monday (June 28), but despite an ambulance being called immediately, it took an hour and a half for a paramedic to arrive.
The published photo of the fallen door shows broken hinges. Harrow Council is investigation how and why the door came to fall off.
Good schools have regular health and safety in-house inspections, usually carried out by a team of a designated school governor, member of the teaching staff and site manager. Inspection records should be formally kept.
As reported, the London Ambulance Service has confirmed it received its first call to the school at 2.31pm on Monday, and received another call at 2.51pm. Paramedics eventually arrived at the school at 4.03pm. The girl was treated and taken to hospital. 
Apparently the ambulance service was very busy on 28 June – they said they received more than 6,500 calls into their 999-control rooms, compared with a usual ‘busy’ day of about 5,500 calls.