headerWealdstone ward, 75% BAME population, is one of the most deprived wards in Harrow – with overcrowding, unemployment, crime and the fear of crime being major concerns – many say it is now a ‘no-go area’ in the evenings – most didn’t even know about the Harrow council’s ‘re-generation’ plans.
Parking was another key concern identified during the filming.
Under these difficult conditions and with little support, high street small businesses (mostly Afghani, Pakistani, Turkish) are significantly contributing towards the local and borough economy. (watch video here)
But their contributions are hardly acknowledged by the Harrow council.
Harrow council’s Economic Strategy 2021-2030 says ‘Harrow is one of the most culturally diverse local authorities in the UK, with  around  60%  of  residents  from  Black,  Asian,  and  Multi-Ethnic backgrounds’ and that ‘Harrow High streets contain more than 1,200 businesses’ – but no expressed credit to businesses by these communities which meaningly contribute towards the Harrow economy. Therefore, no surprise that the strategy has no obvious or specific strategies to support and nurture these small but important businesses.
Such omissions are usually seen in the light of the dynamics of institutional racism but in this case, they look more like because of a council that has fails to practise inclusion despite layers of the cultural diversity at the civic centre which simply recycle the council’s dominant ideological and work ethos, resulting in no change in the prevailing status quo!