Higher-rates charging council fails to fill a dangerous road crater for days!

DSE_7647dDSE_7658dA big deep hole appeared on the busy Hindes Road (junction of Welldon Crescent and Radnor Road) on 17 July at the spot which had previous road problem, as the tarmac repair around the hole suggests.
The council installed barriers overnight, but has failed to carry out emergency repairs since.
Uninformed and concerned Greenhill Ward residents express disappointment: ‘Services like gas, water and electricity do carry out emergency services despite Covid-19, why the Harrow council has failed for days?”
Harrow council’s environment services are adequately staffed with skills to carry out such a repair work – why an apparent failure in this case (Covid-19 pressure is not an acceptable excuse)?
Back in March this year, National Audit Office reported that Covid has exposed the dire position of England’s local councils.  It reveals the precarious position of local government that struggle to provide acceptable services because of weak budgeting.
Councils with effective leadership and management have by now worked out how to provide good, responsive and efficient services.
Harrow council leader and the chief executive must now take an urgent notice of what has happened to the Hindes Road and arrange a long-term solution to the road condition.