Harrow Labour activist hits out at Labour leadership

Labour’s recent London Conference has opened up all conflicts and contradictions in the Labour Party under ‘selected by some for some’ leader Keir Starmer.
“Labour has outraged members today by shutting down its London conference in the middle of the outgoing Conference Arrangements Committee chair’s speech, apparently because she was speaking critically of Keir Starmer – and, ironically, of the party’s anti-democratic conduct.” reports SKWAWKBOX (SW).
“The benefits of a July Zoom conference, being able to pull the plug on speakers compared to a November in person conference as was already agreed by the outgoing London REC, which we argued for on the NEC” informs the Labour NEC member Mish Rahman (@mish_rahman).
The Zoom meeting made it possible to kept off the agenda issues like the delay in publishing the Forde report, the rules prohibiting CLPs from discussing certain issues, the recent wave of proscriptions and much more.
Harrow councillor Pamela Fitzpatrick, socialist, trade unionist and member of the Labour national women’s committee, tweeted:
Pam1Ms Fitzpatrick has long and bitter experience of what has been happening in local Labour, especially in the Gareth Thomas (Blair/Starmer faithful Lab MP) Harrow West constituency.
(Sad that the silencing tactics of the national party show up at the council level – for example, critical voices are curbed by playing ‘victimhood’ and alleging targeting when cabinet members (at over £30K) are asked searching questions about their concerning conduct or performance.)
“Southside finally pull the plug, as members refuse to be silenced” Michael Calderbank reports .
“But if we’re to build an effective, united opposition to the Tories, then deeply factional and unnecessary attacks on socialist activists are clearly a major obstacle – and those responsible must be held to account” he said.