Harrow council could reassure transparency in money matters!

AMSuch an information should have been readily available at the Harrow council website and as an attachment to the Draft Economic Strategy that claims to have distributed £62m in government grants to over 900 local businesses.
This public information would have helped for everyone to see that the public money has been appropriately and fairly dispersed for the benefit of those who need it most, and not for any political gains or on the basis of who knows who, in the council election year.
Precisely for these reasons, the council’s grant allocating regime under previous administrations used to publish a list of who gets what grant and for what purpose.
Similarly, the tax-payers have a right to know how and for whom the following incoming Covid-19 money has been used:
For gaining public confidence in Harrow council’s handling of the Covid-19 funding, what stops the  council to have a dedicated web page, linked to the council website’s index page, to publish total Covid-19 money received, who decides how and where this has been/should be used, and a summary of who have benefitted from this additional funding.
By taking these simple steps (Covid-19 pressure not a valid excuse), Harrow council could reassure transparency in handling money matters, unless it has something to hide!