Harrow councillor Chris Mote passed away

CMFormer Deputy Mayor and Leader of Council, Cllr Chris Mote, sadly passed away late last night (29 July) after a short illness.
Cllr Mote was first elected in 1982 and now represented Pinner South ward.
He was leader of the Conservative Group and later Leader of Harrow Council between 2006 and 2008.
Cllr Mote announced his departure from the cabinet and stepped down as the leader of the Conservative group in 2008.
He currently served as Shadow Portfolio Holder for Adults & Older People.
Cllr Mote received ceremonial vellum scrolls to recognise his 25 years as Harrow Councillor at the Council Meeting on 16th January 2020 where he was described as “gentleman who is always polite and respectful – an example of how one should behave, not just as a councillor but as a person”.
Cllr Mote, deputy mayor in 2009 under Tory administration of the council at the time, was set to become Harrow mayor in the following year. But Tories, under Cllr Hall CPZ-hit poor leadership lost the council.