Cosmetic use of high streets fund in Harrow, deplored!

Harrow council says: “As we rebuild from the Covid-19 pandemic Harrow Council is investing in our high streets. Edgware, North Harrow, South Harrow and Rayners Lane are set to receive funding for a range of improvements to high streets. We’ve been working with ward councillors and the local community to drive forward this change (some residents and councillor don’t think so).”
In May, the government announced £576m allocations of future high streets fund, including £7,448,583 specifically for Wealdstone, Harrow. Possibly more places in the borough received dedicated funding for high street improvement programme, but Harrow council has failed to inform how much total high streets funding has been received and allocated to the targeted areas each.
Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick outlined the best use of this public money and said the investment will “make a huge difference to towns and cities across England”, helping them “transform themselves [into] desired places to shop, visit, live and work.”
DSE_7567d2In Wealdstone, an obvious improvement is the brightening up of the ‘square’ (photo), otherwise while local traders appreciate wall paintings and street decorations, they don’t know how well the Wealdstone money has been used, and their main concerns remain the crime, fear of crime and parking which renders Wealdstone less desirable place to ‘shop, visit, live and work’.
In Edgware, Canons ward residents see the use of £483K for decorating part of Whitchurch Lane (Edgware end), “waste” of public money. They want real improvements like street cleaning, addressing fly-tipping and more crime prevention measures. They described the so-called consultation as being  constructed in a way to deliver pre-determined outcome (many others in the target areas feel the same).
“We are completely opposed to the Edgware scheme – the money would be better served in street cleaning, which is much needed, particularly around Howberry Road” said the ward councillors.
Is the use of the street money on cosmetic street dressings for attractive visual impact in the council election year, saying that this is what residents want, good value for public money?